Saturday, October 30, 2010

Admission info: IBA-DU, Govt Dental, Sher e Bangla Agri, Bang Agri Univ, MIST, Noakhali Sci & Tech Univ, Pabna Sci & Tech Univ, Comilla Univ


Form Collection:
Application fee is Tk.550/- (non-refundable)
The application package can be obtained from Agrani Bank, Dhaka University Campus(Curzon Hall) Branch.
The application package may also be obtained directly from the BBA Program Office by mail. In that case, applicants should send a Bank Draft for Tk.550/- drawn in favour of “BBA Admission, IBA”, a self-addressed return envelope (size 10" x 8") affixed with Taka 40/- postage stamp. Mentionable that BBA Program Office is not responsible for any postal delay or missing. 
Form Submission:
Completted application should be submitted to the BBA Program Office(Room # 319, 2nd floor, IBA) between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm on any working day during that time.
Government Dental College of Bangladesh
Applicants must have average GPA 8.0 in SSC and HSC or equivalent exam.
Applicants must have individually GPA 3.5 in SSC and HSC or equivalent exam.
Tribal and non-tribal of three hill districts applicants must have average GPA 7.0 and Individually GPA 3.0 in SSC and HSC or equivalent exam. All categories candidates must have GP 3.50 in Biology in HSC exam.
Applicants who passed from foreign education board must have equivalent grade. 
Form Collection:
Application forms are available at Dhaka Dental College, Chittagong Dental College, Rajshahi Dental College at the price of Tk. 520.00 
 Form Submission:
Candidates have to submit the fulfilled application form along with supporting documents to Dhaka Dental College, Chittagong Dental College, Rajshahi Dental College.

Sher-E-Bangla Agricultural University
Form Collection:
Application forms price is Tk. 500/- and can be collected by Tele Talk mobile phone.
Form Submission:
Application form can be submitted by the Tele Talk Mobile phone send SMS to 16222. Go to massage option write SAU, 3 Key word of Board, HSC exam Roll No, Passing Year, Unit Key word. Agricultural Department Key A, Agribusiness Department Key B, 1st Choice Agriculture and 2 choice Agribusiness write AB, 1st choice Agribusiness and , 2nd choice Agriculture write BA. Example: SAU DHA 123456 2010 AB
After sending SMS, candidates will get a reply SMS and PIN number. By using this PIN they can proceed to final confirmation by sending SMS to 16222. By using the massage option, write SAU YES PIN Code Mobile number. Example: SAU YES 654321 01000000000.

Quta code: Freedom Fighters Childs Quta code: F, Ward Quta: W, Tribal Quta: T example:SAU DHA 123456 2010 AB F
Admit Card:Candidates carried at the exam hall main copy of HSC or equivalent admit card, one copy photocopy of admit card, attested 2 copy passport size photo. Write examinee name and roll no back side of photo.

Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST)
Form Collection:
On line form from our website: . 
Form Submission:
Application is to be submitted on-line through internet from MIST website ( by paying taka 600 (six hundred only) from Tele Talk Prepaid mobile phone. Necessary instructions in respect of filling up the E-application will be available in the Prospectus. As mentioned in the Prospectus available in MIST website: ( and in MIST Admission Center (hardcopy). Further clarification may be sought from MIST Admission Desk (8000266/01556565566/01678034405) from 0800 to 1700 hours in all working days from 10 October 2010 to 04 November 2010. 
Supporting Documents:
(a) Candidates will be short listed on the basis of total GPA of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and one third GPA of English earned in HSC/ equivalent examination. Approximately 2000 short listed candidates will be allowed for written test.
(b) All eligible candidates with GCE “O” and “A” Levels (or equivalent) background and all eligible candidates against reserved seats.
(c) Written admission test of 3 hours for 200 marks (Maths-80, Physics-60, Chemistry-40, and English-20 from syllabus of HSC examination 2010)-75%.
(d) Total GPA of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry of HSC/Alim/ “A” level/equivalent examination -15%.
(e) GPA of SSC/Dakhil/“O” level/equivalent examination (without 4th subject) - 10%

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Pabna University of Science & Technology 
Form Collection:
Application form price is Tk.500/- 
Form Submission:
Application form price is Tk.500/- with EMO Postal Service. Pay from any Post Office which provides EMO (Electronic Money Order) service. Applicants have to fill EMO form with the information of SSC and HSC exam (Education Board, Roll No, and Passing Year). If applicants pay form’s price using EMO service, Postal Authority will supply a 16 digit PIN Number to the applicant’s mobile Phone. Applicants will receive PIN Number after 36 hours of applying. After getting PIN, visit Upload a color photo 300×300 pixel. Download Admit Card and Print it. Applicants who want to admission in Quota category they will be write after unit name given a space, (Freedom Fighter-FF, Tribal/Indigence-TI, Disable-DI) If any applicants are not under of Quota category they have to write NO. 
Supporting Documents:  
For further information, visit Email to,, Mobile No: 01753-294368, 01932-736149.
Admission time following documents are required: 4copy passport size photo, Main copy of SSC, HSC mark sheets, Testimonial, Enough money for admission, two copy attested photocopy of all mark sheets and certificate. Tribal candidates others candidates submit necessary documents.